Towing Service Wilmington NC

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Looking for towing or tow truck assistance in Wilmington, NC?


We are a highly reputable towing company serving Wilmington and have been in the roadside assistance business for many years now.

Our truck drivers know Wilmington like the back of their hand and and are completely supportive of our current low prices, even though they pay their salaries.

If you decide to look for reviews, there will be nothing showing but 5 star and “best tow service” ratings.

Aside from all the facts provided above, why should you choose us from all the towing companies in Wilmington, North Carolina?


  • Fantastic Prices – Our towing service here in Wilmington, NC has been going back and forth on the prices per mile, and when we should do a flat fee. The point was to not be so cheap that our margins are ridiculously small, which would eventually drive us out of business. There are always expenses associated with a towing company ownership. If you think that tow trucks we operate are ran on electrical power, you’re mistaken. Each tow truck is either using the king of all fuels which is diesel, or gasoline. After extensive price testing and different promotional offers, coupons and so on, we’ve decided to set the prices at level lower than the competition, but just enough for us to turn a profit.


  • Established – we are a towing service which has been serving Wilmington, NC for quite a few years now. Most of our customers have us on speed dial for the next time their car or truck breaks. Why is that, you might be asking… It could be because of the level of professionalism our tow truck drivers posses, maybe our 24 hour towing service and recovery or it could be how fast we respond to a call of distress. Decide for yourself why our towing service is your best choice, we simply state the facts.


  • Reliable – Our company, will never let you down. In the past, we’ve come across multiple situations when we receive a call from potential client in need, and we have every available tow truck out on the job and times when one breaks, and yes, it happens to us as well, so we are forced to send a recovery vehicle out for the same job. No matter what happens, we promise that if your situation will get immediate attention and all towing needs will be satisfied, if not by us, then another towing company in Wilmington which we will refer you to. No customer left behind! It’s what we believe in and stand by every word!


  • 24 hour towing – You might be laughing right now, saying that all towing companies in Wilmington have a 24 hour emergency towing assistance hotline… In a perfect world it would be true, however, this is not the case. In Wilmington NC, approximately half of all tow service do not offer 24 hour towing. It’s people don’t drive during the night or cars simply don’t break after 10 pm… We think it’s silly. Why have a towing company that’s open 9 to 5 and if your vehicle happens to break or you get into an accident at 5:01 you’re S.O.L. That is certainly not how we choose to run our tow truck service.


  • Genuine Care – We often hear people say that customer support doesn’t matter for towing services, where we beg the differ. Who needs a buffoon pulling up in a big ol’ tow truck and talking smack? Nobody, right? You’re stuck on the side of the road and frustrated as it is. Our drivers are the best at helping you with towing services as well as any type of support no matter how minor it might seem . We have no problem setting any of our drivers in the seat of the receptionist to fill in when he or she is our sick.


  • We listen – Why is listening so important for a towing company? Because when one listens, one understands where the problem lies and is able to asses the situation much better. Every day we hear stories from people coming to us after having their vehicle towed with another towing company. They leave them a bad review saying things like I warned him, and he did it anyways and it’s the last time I’m using them. What are we referring to, you might be wondering… That’s right! A tow truck operator breaking or damaging something on the client’s vehicle or a piece of property. When a customer tells us something about the situation, we listen and take notes instead of  saying blah blah or whatever dude. Everyone wants to be heard, and it’s a fact.


  • Only hire experts – Hopefully, you’re not wondering why employing experts of their craft is important especially as a towing service. We feel as though it’s a self explanatory type of thing. In this case, the craft is tow truck operation and execution of various towing services safely and expeditiously. For any company to hire an amateur might be cost effective short term, but it never works out in the long run, partially because that person is the face of said business and any mistake, misstep and negligence will ultimately hurt the reputation of said tow truck company. Wilmington, NC is not the place for screw ups! 

Here we have listed a brief description of a few:

  • Emergency Towing – In case of an emergency with your vehicle, call us to get it towed away. 
  • Long Range Services – Our tow trucks are here at your disposal, day and night! Call us up and briefly describe what needs to get towed from and to locations, for which we will provide an estimate of what it would cost you.
  • 24 Hour Towing – As previously described, we provide full time, around the clock towing assistance to anyone who calls.
  • Machinery and Heavy Equipment – Need different types of equipment towed from point A to B? Don’t hesitate to call us!
  • Custom Tailored Tow Service – This particular service provides a very general approach to any towing situation. We make a customized plan just for you.