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Towing with us is easy and convenient. Let us handle all of your tow truck needs and we promise your vehicle or equipment will be in safe hands of our professional tow experts.

Our history is very brief so we won’t bore you with it for too long. We began providing tow truck services in Wilmington, North Carolina approximately five years ago. It was tough in the beginning as we were the new kid on the block. The dedication and professionalism of our team has been crucial to the success of our towing company. We recall numerous night out on call, day to day providing great towing experiences and getting our loyal customers out of ditches and road accidents. At first, our towing company was all about accident, insurance, AAA and those types of towing. Slowly but sure we made a name for ourselves and became more and more independent.

How did we manage to grow, especially when the economy wasn’t doing so well…

We’ve found that when you’re on the side of a highway and your car is immobile, the last thing anyone thinks about are the towing prices. While we didn’t used to be the cheapest tow service on the block, we sure were the most customer oriented. Our business grew mostly due to the huge amounts of referrals and return business. 

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Here, at Wilmington Towing we truly value your business and appreciate any and all reviews left on our Google Plus page as well as Facebook. Thank you!